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The Journey of Alice - The pokemon addiction

I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots. Albert Einstein

The collective delirium with pokemon causes me sadness and a huge surprise.

I am sure that anyone who gives himself intensively to virtual creatures... lost the ability to relate to others human beings and is an emotional autistic.

If it is by pleasure of doing a treasure hunt... then is need to organize true treasure hunts.

With slopes, with complicated ways to go, with codes and mixture of anagrams.

A treasure hunt involves planning by the organizers (just involves people interacting) and hunting can be done in groups, with conversation, laughter and exchange of ideas (much more sympathetic than to follow directives given by a screen of a contraption any).

The pokemon are the gambozinos of today.

For those who do not know the word, gambozinos are imaginary animals, used to deceive the naive people, sending them to hunt them.

The pokemon is also imaginary as well as all the paraphernalia that surrounds it.

And imaginary by imaginary... for my part I have decided: I will dedicate myself to hunt gambozinos and search for dragons.

I'm going to try to make friends with them, something that, for sure, I can not do with pokemon.

The pokemon snatches adults, youth and children. All in a sterile search to catch a merely virtual creature.

Everybody in an unlearning process of mankind.

The Pokemon is one of the tips of an iceberg, a lot of people that unlearn to communicate, who slowly are showing the essence of humanity, the relationship capacity.

Instead they walk searching for doll... they can spend a great afternoon reading, or listening to music, or sitting anywhere in silence; this silence will be much more delightful if accompanied by someone they like, because there are not many more sublime experience than a long silence shared.

Maria Filomena Fale'