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The Journey of Alice - If we were all women?

"One is not born a woman, but becomes one."
Simone de Beauvoir

That the world has been going through chaotic times, confused, conflicted and complicated... it is known by all.

The world have excess of man and lack of woman, male excess and lack of feminine.

It has excess of reason, authoritarianism, explanations, syllogisms and algorithms. It has many financial markets (the cash markets, futures, options, M&A ...).

It has immense action, has wars everywhere, has business to flourish.

The lands, business, ideas and even loyalties are all selled. Everything obeys its own logic and male.

The inhabitants of the earth need to learn to become women.

All of them, whether male as female.

Because female and male are in all people, in all beings, in all atoms.

Just let the feminine side of all that lives be expressed.

Intuition, resistance, tears, emotions to flow ...

The world is so male, that for female people to live in it ... have to discipline themselves not to become women.

Being a woman is almost an act of guerilla, practiced only behind closed doors. Because the price of being a woman full time may be too high.

So it is time for everyone to become women.

It is time to have a more loving version of life.

It is time for all beings to have the audacity to become women.

Being a woman is a path.

For all.

Maria Filomena Fale'