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The Journey of Alice - The supreme pleasure of being alone

Freedom is the possibility of isolation. If it is impossible to live alone, you were born a slave.
Fernando Pessoa

Freedom and slavery are the antithesis of each other.

Co-dependency is a form of slavery because it sucks the responsibility of being alone.

I know few people who like to be alone with themselves.

And I think all the time you spend alone is precious and quality.

I know few people who do.

Those who do it... distinguish themselves, naturaly.

A person who considers its own company the best can say no, never hangs, is never displaced and never feels marginalized.

Because he/she do not need company to feel good.

Such a person is truly free, in a very deep sense of freedom.

Fernando Pessoa, genius, mystic, magnificent, understood it.

As he understood that a relationship of a person with him/herself can only be achieved through isolation.

An isolation that can hurt in the early days but becomes a pleasure.

The supreme pleasure of being alone and feeling that you are in good company.

The challenge of discovering corners of the soul that can only be discovered alone;

They are rarely shareable because personal processes are not social.

There is a language of the universe that is revealed to each one when we persist in practice the pleasure of being alone in the glory of being free.

And when we understand that what is most intimate and important is not to be talked... we learn to be free.

And freedom is too precious to be abandoned.

Maria Filomena Falé