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The Journey of Alice - The noise of the campaign for the local elections

“Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” Winston S. Churchill

Cape Verde is in a noise.

The municipal elections are coming up and the country is suspended.

In an archipelagic state, the municipal elections gain a great importance due to the distance imposed by the sea between islands.

Mass rally that worth it is necessary to have music, fiery speeches, dancing, drinks and bafas( a traditional dish from cape verde).

It is folly to achieve feast levels, as always happens in these parts.

The Cape Verdean people are emotional and they live every joy and every sorrow as if it were the last.

And each mass rally as well.

Songs, flags, funaná, pincho and grilled chicken.

They welcome and support the candidates, in the end, everyone have the certainty of victory.

For weeks the ordinary citizen throws ammunition designed to denigrate the opposing candidate.

I've heard convoluted stories (I am sure that all this could be just in my mind) about all candidates.

For weeks the candidates are crossing the islands. What speeches. Facing intense summer that has been felt and how they face the heat, humidity, mosquitoes, dust.

It's, however, not possible to find candidates to debate with respect and admiration for the opponent (this does not happen anywhere in the world, I know) and being absolutely present the words of Churchill... remains the party and total joy that live the election campaigns in these islands in the middle of the sea.

I have to mention that Cape Verdeans are deeply politicized and have a huge interest in the political life of the country. The plenary sessions of the National Assembly are passionately followed by radio and commented and discussed everywhere.

A politicized people do not lose a mass rally, neither the toasts that are offered.

In the rush of the distribution of shirts, caps and flags.

Greater pluralism can not be.

Government but with music and dance... is experienced with joy.

There can be no better .

(This chronicle was written before the elections, then with total lack of knowledge of the identity of the elections' winners).

Maria Filomena Fale'