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The Journey of Alice - And the winner was...

The man who does not fight for his rights does not deserve to live... Rui Barbosa.

The hoopla of the election campaigns for the municipal elections in Cape Verde, counting votes, analyzes...

I realised that the winner was... abstention!

According to official data, in the elections there was an abstention rate of 41.7%.

I find it regrettable.

There are countries where dictatorships are heavily deployed, where free elections are nothing but a mirage and where this exist is just a farce.

The African continent is full of countries where this happens.

Cape Verde is an oasis of democracy in Africa, and yet there is a huge amount of people who resigns, who do not care, do not want to know.

In a country where freedom is a verb that can combine!

This issue has nothing to do with party politics, it has to do with the democratic maturity of a people, aware that a vote is a right to claim and participation in the life of a particular community.

I have noticed that people understand the act of voting as a duty, which really makes me amazed.

Now if it is a duty... everything people want is to run away from it, of course.

It is urgent to change.

It is urgent to understand that voting is a civil right and certainly also personal.

It is a manifestation of thought, choice. It should not be alienated. It can not be alienated.

I am sure that in all municipalities of the country, many people will complain against the resulting municipal management of the 5th elections.

Whenever I hear a claim I will ask: Did you vote?

Who doesn't vote can not speak, they are not worth of that right, simply because they exist.

Maria Filomena Fale'