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The Journey of Alice - The egg and the chicken

We do not live to eat but eat to live. Socrates

An inescapable fact I have noted in everywhere.

There are many people with clearly excess weight.

And, strangely, the overweight people eat more!

They eat like there is no tomorrow, dishes covered with food.

But If they are in a buffet, they look of greedy and envious way for the dishes of others, as if the food was going to end at any moment.

I confess that makes me confusion.

Not for aesthetic reasons, because I think the overweight people can be admired, charm and be as desirable as the thinner people.

It's what's behind the weight and taste exaggerated for food.

Because the food is a primary compensation. Compensation for loneliness, to abandonment, to insecurity.

After... it is the story of the egg and the chicken that no one knows what came first.

People are fat because they eat too much and they do not eat well and they do this because they are fat.

It's perverse.

The same applies to physical exercise: they do not do strenuous exercise because they are fat and are fat because they don't do it.

Also they do not show that they are fatter because the dictatorship of the young and slender bodies are deeply rooted in the most open minds.

The sorrow that is appeased with a pudding or a meat loaf is deeply sad.

The food becomes a meaning of life.

And it makes life worthless.