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The Journey of Alice - Can you give me 1 euro?

“Work keeps at bay three great evils: boredom, vice, and need.” - Voltaire

A woman was walking in any European capital.

Happy to be on a sunny day, to have a moment of leisure, to be loved, to have a roof, to be well fed, to have enough for the basics, and also for some small luxuries.

On a street she crossed with a man, no longer very young, with clean clothes, although a bit out of fashion. He was high, although he had hunched shoulders. With eyes downcast he went to the woman and said in a low voice:
- Can you give me 1 €?

The voice asked was very low and insecure.

The woman understood that the man had lived good days, but for some reason life had turned the page.

She perceives that unemployment has knocked his door, perhaps because a young boy  was chosen to play the role that he used to do for years; it is known that, in labor terms, the older ones are replaced by the youths

There are times when person feels a clarity and understanding and that's what the woman felt.

It was a moment and understood the resignation of that Man, the homecoming still stunned, the days that began to become harder, the vain responses of the announcements, the money running out, the food decreasing, dignity thrown out the window.

Until the moment when asking became imperative.

The woman also understood that asking caused suffering to him, evident in the eyes on the ground, in polite and very low voice. For a moment and in a moment, he and she were one.
- Can you give me 1 €?

She gave him much more than 1 euro.


She said nothing neither He thanked. It was not worth.

(This story is true)

Maria Filomena Fale'