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The Journey of Alice - Lawyers

Do you have any ideia what is to be a lawyer?

(...) A lawyer has no time. The time of his customers are his time and each customer is a boss (...). The causes of others are his causes and so the vibration of his nerves is the vibration of his customers' nerve vibrations.

And "lawyers who aren't like that are not lawyers" Ary dos Santos in “Nós os Advogados”, 1934

If there is envied and discredited profession is a lawyer. Wrongly envied and unfairly discredited.

Wrongly envied because it believes that all lawyers are rich; nothing is further from the truth.

Unfairly discredited because it believes that all lawyers are bullshitters; nothing is further from the truth.

Lawyers are not advocates with spear in hand, to fight against windmills like Don Quixote. Neither are a charity.

They are professionals dealing always and only with problems; other problems.

Who make the problems of others their problems. And they are paid for it.

There are no fees to pay the hours of study, reflection.

There are no fees to pay the hours that steal sleep, working night out.

There are no fees to pay work that is done with passion.

Lawyers charge fees because they also have to eat and pay their bills. Simple.

And all the work deserves to be paid.

I know quite a few of lawyers, all of them good people, all of them intelligent and with sense of humor.

Who put all their knowledge and passion to serve their customers.

Being a lawyer is a hard work, is demanding.

Therefore, those who exercise the profession with boldness must be respected.

As with everything that exists, there are lawyers who are not serious, but these "are not lawyers" within the meaning of it given by Ary dos Santos.

Maria Filomena Fale'