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The Journey of Alice - What you must (not) do to quit smoking

The most common side effects are nausea, headaches, insomnia and abnormal dreams. Others side effects, common disorders of the digestive system such as vomiting, constipation, flatulence, indigestion, diarrhea, feeling bloated stomach, decreased appetite, excessive thirst, weight gain, mood changes, difficulty concentrating, anxiety and panic, incoordination and movement disorder. In addition were also recorded cases of respiratory inflammation, nasal congestion, fever, feeling cold, heart rhythm disturbances and blood pressure increase, as less common side effects. Medicine leaflets to quit smoking

A friend of mine decided to quit smoking.

As she is a person who does not leave for tomorrow what she can do today... she decided to resort to the "good services" of a particular medicines that helped other people to quit smoking.

The results of the efforts were disconcerting.

Such medicines which is in the form of pills and the dose will increase little by little until reaching the right dose.

In the early days continues to smoke, the smoker should stop in a day that he chose to stop.

It seems that since the first moment... my friend was always with nauseas.

Very sick.

According to her words, she spent her days with nauseous.

In the 1st week, although very sick... she was smoking waiting, anxiously, of course the end of treatment, in which she would stop smoking and no longer nausea.

In the 2nd week, the number of cigarettes has dropped dramatically, in the exact proportion of nausea, which became permanent, day and night.

The intestines did not work for a week.

After a week in agony... my friend decided to quit take medicines and decided to quit smoking only with help of her own will.

She spent the morning to improve her bowel after she found that life is beautiful.

Slowly and without much pressure, she has reduced a lot the number of cigarettes.

She says that without medicines was easier.

And she must be right.

Maria Filomena Fale'