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The Journey of Alice - The President's speech

Freedom "it's not compatible with the absence of security, or with a weak state"
Mr President of the Republic of Cape Verde said this in his inaugural speech

I like the President of the Republic of Cape Verde.

We are not friends and he does not pay me anything for me to say this... but I like him.

I think he's a thoughtful person, intelligent and above all, a humanist.

He is also a man who loves the culture of the islands and this love I share with him.

I agree with him when he says that the full exercise of freedom is not compatible with the absence of security (nor can be incompatible, because one thing implies the other)... has nothing to do with weak or strong state.

Ideally the state would not even be necessary, nor strong neither weak.

Insecurity that (already) is manifested in some islands has to do with unemployment, with poverty and above all, has to do with mind (I call it spiritual option because it is). The President also rightly said, this need of change of mindset, in another part of his speech.

It is urgent to create Job. Not in the public sector because the state does not have to provide the livelihood of the citizens.

The State can and should collaborate with companies and individuals in the creation of jobs.

Creating favorable conditions for investment.

Help promote a harmonious society. With work and without hungry.

Everything else has to be the result of a change of mentality.

Repeating the sentence, One's freedom ends where others' begins.

The things when they are repeated over and over again become reality (even the lies).

And knowing that, when you die, you don't take anything with you.

The union of the two ideas will lead inevitably to a change of mentality, individual and collective.

Many have walked and walk around these themes. Written, debated and up to today and forever.

And after all... it's so simple

Because the other shall not invade out of respect for their freedom.

Because you shall not covet whatever it may be, for being unnecessary.

Maria Filomena Fale'