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Brava Island entirely benifit with power project 100% renewable

  • This project aims to meet the entire demand for electricity and fresh water on the Brava island, through renewable sources

Praia - 15 March - The company Cape Verde Wind, owned by Júlio Rodrigues, resident of the United States, already has funding of 8 million dollars made available by the International Renewable Energy Agency and the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, to the implementation of the project which will provide to the island of Brava 100% renewable energy.

According to information advanced by the entrepreneur in an interview with Ocean Press, the company and the partners already have everything ready to start with the implementation of the project and this moment are waiting only the order of the Government, recognizing the investment.

The "Cabo Verde Wind" has the partnership of several reputable companies in the United States, which have expressed interest in providing all the necessary equipment and the design of the system, ensuring all production and the energy storage.

The project, called "100% REI", will use a combination of wind turbines and photovoltaic solar energy to produce renewable electricity and includes a stabilization mechanism.

The electricity will be fed directly by wind network and solar power plant will also supply a system to produce Amónia Anidra (NH3), which can be stored and then used to power electric generators in remote villages or low flow access.

The renewable electricity produced from this project will also feed the desalination plants, which provide about 500,000 liters of fresh potable water per day to the public.

The "Cabo Verde Wind" will work directly with the avaible water distribution company on the island, the "Água Brava", throughout the project implementation process.

These companies also have the support of the municipality of Brava island in search of a public-private partnership, creating the best solutions for the project to benefit the entire population of the island.

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