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Where do the tourism profits go after all?

  • A reader sent us the article and we published it in full

Dear gentlemen responsible for this country, I hope everyone gives this letter a thorough read and may think and act fast, but really fast.

I am a regular reader of this online journal and I follow with interest what is written about what may be of interest to all us Cape Verdeans.

But as much as I want to, I can't remain silent when the same journal comes to the attention of the public with warnings about what's less well or very badly in Cape Verde, unlike many who are silent conveniently, as politicians and responsible in towns and the vast majority of Cape Verdeans that still do not understand the power of their voice.

Cape Verde does not have oil, gold or gems, it is therefore fair to call chicken of golden eggs this revenue source that moves the whole country, the tourism.

So far we all agree, but are we enjoying conveniently our sun and sea, plus our rich culture, history, gastronomy and the traditional art of hospitality?

After reading the article that the Ocean Press published with the title "What benefits the cruise ships brings to São Vicente island?", I have my doubts.

It is a sad example of how we do not make the best use of the cruise tourism capabilities or, if we wish, we almost ignore this important source of revenue.

That is, we promote the docking of cruise ships that bring thousands of tourists who are avid to know Cape Verde, its culture, history etc, then we do not show something but total disruption, buildings almost abandoned and half-destroyed, dirty beaches, typical restaurants only by name, means of transport without any kind of security, playing a little bit, I would say it's like we have invited someone to dinner at our house and then we sit on the ground and served him toothpicks!

After that experience, will be etched in the minds of tourists that Cape Verde are all equal and where everything is lacking, there is no planning and tourism organization and everything is the taste of the most amazing improvisation and amateurism.

It would be different if all those who promote Cape Verde abroad, then they worry how to get those calls with a professional and competent organization to guarantee that tourists always saw our country at its best in all aspects that distinguishes us from others. In other words, it would make our good image etched in the memory of all who visit us.

It would all be different if our rulers and those who are ahead of the municipalities were concerned about investing in a planned and consistent way in much that has to be done in São Vicente and even all the most tourist islands in true tourist attraction offering more than the traditional sun, beaches and Katchupa.

Okay, but,,,,,,, this requires money some might say. But after all the money comes to us by we see in the article, which is not that little, but then I wonder, if we received where does it go?

It is not reasonable to think that the money that comes through the Cruise Tourism or other is to promote tourism as expected, nor teh money stays in São Vicente or in the islands of Sal and Boavista just to name the most tourist islands.

It is not used to create modern infrastructure of support and pleasure to those who visit us, it is not used to make roads, sewers and lighting services, it is not used to reconstruct historical spaces that can be visited, it is not used to create jobs, is not used to create municipal corporations firefighters and rescue units, and much more ,,,,,,, in other words it is not even used to feed such chicken of golden eggs!

Where does the turism proffit go, and who beneffits after all?

The politicians will quickly say that "we have national priorities for which we need to look at it" ,,,,, or any other kind of argument.

However, I am not aware that unemployment has fallen, or the safety of all of us has increased, which gives to reflect.

Hence my appeal that this opinion be read by all responsible for this country in order to promote the debate, but more importantly, the fast and effective action.

We have a new government and we have a new local authority responsible for all of them I wish that finally they look upon the right way how to manage the money of this country in an entrepreneurial way.

We all want to live in our Cape Verde in the best possible way and be entitled to a life of work, safety, health, and everything to everyone in the world has the right, then let us take care of our house gentlemen, because is there that our bread comes from!

If we continue to treat our source of income which is the tourism only with speeches, we run the risk of tourists find alternatives, maybe cheaper elsewhere, and then everything we do will be hopelessly late.

A regular and concerned reader