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São Vicente – Mother head of the family with a paraplegic son receives support to rehabilitate the house

  • The family depends only on a pension from the father of the youngest son and from the salary of the daughter aged 23 years, who now traveled to Sal island in search of a better condition

Mindelo - 7 September - Permícia Nascimento, 45, head of the family with 4 children one of them is paraplegic has received on thursday an aid from SOS Solidário association for the rehabilitation of her house, with ceiling falling to pieces.

"In the rain season, the ceiling is very fragil which can not prevent the waters from entering my house and we have to change the furniture at night to get a sleep, but the fear is too much that no one can sleep", she says.

This Mother told to Ocean Press that after 4 years waiting of an aid promised by city hall of the island, the aid only comes now through the SOS solidário association.

Four years ago, Permícia Nascimento left her job, after her older son suffered a spinal column injury when he fell from a bridge in Bela Vista and became a paraplegic.

Today her son with 26 year-old receives food baskets from city hall which help a little bit, now with this help from SOS Solidário association the family can sleep with tranquility but there is still some difficulties like a toilet connected to a sewer, a service that did not come to the neighborhood.

However, Permícia Nascimento is not the only a head of family with this problem, there are dozens of houses whose roofs are about to collapse at any moment, a situation that deserves more attention of the competent authorities.

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