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Sal - Casino Royal gives us a golden opportunity and a promising future - trainees say

  • "A new life started here. I'm learning, mathematics, how to focus, control anxiety, emotions, management, among other things. Here we deal with many things at once"

Santa Maria - 26 October - Preparing to open in November, Casino Royal, located in the touristic town of Santa Maria on Sal Island, belonging to the same group building Hilton Hotel are investing since June in the training of 45 Croupiers and will secure more than 100 direct jobs on the island.

It is expected to reach a daily flow of customers, 50% of local population and from other islands and 50% of tourists to socialize in a great environment, with global quality assurance.

Ocean Press was peeking the training of Croupiers and was chatting with some of the trainees who told us that this training and it's development will bring new light to Sal island, both in terms of employment, as the level of service quality, but above all ensure a bright future for all those who bet in them.

Darlene, mother of two children, from Portugal to São Vicente and from São Vicente to Casino

Darlene Rocha da Graça, 21, mother of two, who came from São Vicente after stopping a eight years course in Social Communication in Portugal.

"After living in Portugal for eight years I came to São Vicente looking for a job. I love my country and living in Portugal was complicated. I faced many problems, especially to adapt the life style. I went through many difficulties, then I became pregnant and no one helped me out. Then I went through a divorce, so I decided to come to Cape Verde with my children and change my life with my family," said the former student.

By losing the scholarship and the support of the sister who also had no conditions to help her, Darlene decided to let go of the dreams and came back to Cape Verde, she said: when we have children, they are prioritary.

"I postponed this dream, but I decided to put to sleep my hopes since I dropped everything. I made three aesthetic training in Portugal, I grabbed everything that I could in order to come ready to get whatever it takes," she says.

As a "fighter", she decided to open a beauty saloon in São Vicente island at her own home, but she said the market is saturated in São Vicente and little busy, once again she decided to stop everything.

With two children and unemployed, she decided to ask for help to her sister who lives in Sal island. “With the opening of the University in Sal island, I saw a light”.

"My sister is five stars. She handed my resume and as I was looking for some opportunity out of São Vicente island, so I grabbed this one. They carried out the selection test in Mindelo and I was accepted. They asked me if I was ready to drop everything to work, and I didn't think twice".

Darlene went to Sal island with a son and four months of training, and now she is already a Croupier. She did not expect to be where she's now.

With effort and dedication, today she sees a bright future, "I did not expect to get this far, because my area had nothing to do with mathematics, so learning this function requires a lot but a lot of effort and commitment."

The Croupier guarantees to be in this job is a golden opportunity, in a labor market so difficult and scarce as Sal island, then what she sees this as opportunity to start again.

"A new life started here. I'm learning, mathematics, how to focus, control anxiety, emotions, management, among other things. Here we deal with many things at once. Many surprises, is an activity related to economy and being working with different types of customers, so it is very important to concentrate. I've worked with clients and I know that each one is different so this experience is valuable to me," she said.

Lenine António Lopes left Santo Antão island and risked an unknown future

Lenine also told us his story, a young man from Santo Antão island, who after two years at the University in São Vicente felt compelled to abandon everything due to economic necessity and return to his homeland to work on the farms with the father

"I am ambitious and I took the chance" 

Lenine has learned through internet the opening of the Casino and selection for training.

With no idea what it was about, he decided to take the chance.

A young man with courage and fearless, said that before entering the training he was working in construction for seven months.

"I had no idea what it was about. When I heard about a new opportunity I took the chance athough I was not unemployed at the time. I was working in construction for seven months. I've always been ambitious and could not find anything that fits me, then I came to Sal island looking for a better life. But never crossed my mind to find an opportunity like this," said the young man.

His life was radically changed

"Since I'm here I felt that my life changed completely," recalls Lenine, saying that his involvement and dedication in the training has been tremendous and he can feel that he's growing in many ways.

"I improved my language level, English in this case, knowing that here practically only English is spoken. I have become a more responsible person. I always was, but here I perfected it more because here we have a great level of requirement" he said.

Lenine ensures that the future in the Casino is promising.

"In the days that I would start training I found a temporary job. I was not even properly prepared, then I received a visit of my mother who is an immigrant and for four years we didn't see each other, so I was full of anxiety that I almost fell behind. The first test I did was a disaster. I cried but they called me to say that there is still a second chance and I got in," said Lenine.

New professional paradigms

In the view of these young people the Casino Royal will not be an opportunity just for them but also for the island and automatically for the country, taking into account that will bring new people, new resources, new jobs that will contribute to improving the economy of the country, as in their own development.

Professionalism and quality is the password and Croupiers are aware of the responsibility, "It's great to work in a place that requires quality, and contribute to fuse improvements in the labor market. I will not give up, I'm at sea and I have to swim and see other horizons", concludes Darlene adding that she sold everything out to come live in sal island, then the bet is at all, in order that she will also contribute for the future and the progress of this new venture.

It is recalled that the creation of the first casino in the country, Casino Royal will favor the direct creation of 100 jobs, the group decided that all Croupiers should be exclusively cape verdians who in the end they will receive an international diploma that will facilitate them to find a job at any casino in the world and they will be considered among others the best in the world.

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