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Check out how to keep your clothes clean: 3 washing secrets for 3 types of stains

  • Depending on the type of stain, adopt a different and specific procedure. Check out what is the best depending on your case, according to the website Bolsa de Mulher

Santa Maria - 26 June - Each type of stain is different and even so, it has a different secret to remove it.

There are specific homemade tricks to remove different types of stain.

Check out what to do with the top three and remember to always remove the residue before watering because when we put the tissue in the water it can end up spreading and becomes hard to be removed:


Put a little hydrogen peroxide directly in the dirt, wait a little bit and remove the product with water or with a dry cloth if the idea is not to wet the whole tissue


More difficult becomes to clean if the stain is already dry and if the part is not wool or silk, it is also worth using some ammonia in the stain. Rub it with a cloth to remove excess and then rinse it well


What causes yellow stain of sweat on garments is the action of bacteria that live in the armpits. When longer we take to remove these yellow stains, the harder it is to get rid of it later

Mix a little vinegar with baking soda and wait for 30 minutes and then wash normally.

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