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Sal - Casino Royal opens its doors next November

  • The guarantee is of Jacques Monnier, one of the owners of the enterprise and the Director of the Casino, Sasha Putikj in an exclusive interview to the Ocean Press.

Santa Maria - 7 October - The Casino Royal, located in the resort town of Santa Maria on Sal island is foreseen to open doors within next November and hopes to achieve, on weekends, in terms of daily flow of customers, 50% of local population and from other islands and 50% of tourists to socialize in a great environment, with global quality assurance.

"The casino, in aesthetic terms, will be of the best. The investment held here will be similar to any high level casino known worldwide, like Macau, Las Vegas, Atlantic. We do it better, or don't do it. Employees from all areas will use specific uniforms of excellent quality", said Sasha Putikj.

Opening hours - from noon to 4 am

According to Sasha, the Casino will operate from noon to 4 am, distributed in two periods. The first shift starts from noon to 8 pm for the machines games, and the second shift from 11 pm to 4 am for the table games.

The Casino Royal has a team of Croupiers to receive the players, all of them are cape verdean professionals of international level.

"Our croupiers have all the best working conditions, so that they can ensure an execellent work in accordance with their working preparation. Being a job that requires a lot of concentration and motivation they have 20-minute breaks between games, so they can rest and ensure the 8 hours of work as required by the law, and without "exhausting", he explains.

The Staff will be composed of the Director, and about 92 Cape Verdean staff, including 45 Croupiers.

Sasha is from Macedonia and has over 25 years of experience in Casinos and is proud to share his great life experience in this area.

"I learned this profession when English investors went to Macedonia with intention to open the first casino in that country. At that time I took advantage of the opportunity, and I manage to learn english, earn a good salary, know different people across the globe," He says

"I've been in Macau, Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, USA. That means 25 years of casino and I have met all kinds of people and these people were and are my motivation to continue in this way and see a young person learning this profession makes me happy, I feel accomplished and identified," he added.

Sasha says he feels flattered to be teaching in Cape Verde

The company invited him to come to cape verde and he did not hesitate, he feels flattered to live in this small and friendly country, to transmit all his knowledge to a young group of croupiers making sure that what they learn make them the best in the world.

"They will be able to work in any casino in the world and people will be surprised with the quality they will have" he says.

He said he is really enjoying the country, "when I go to a different place I always try to see what it has of beauty and positive, and here I found the two things together, extraordinary beauty and a lot of positive things.

The construction of the Casino and the training of the Croupiers

It is recalled that the creation of the first casino in the country, will encourage 100 direct jobs, and the Group decided that all Croupiers must be exclusively national citizens.

The formation of Croupiers, as well as the Casino are primary experiences in the country and they will bring a new level of service to the island of Sal, with an enviable quality, according to Sasha, advancing even though it will be a great opportunity for the seniors open horizons here or in the world.

The croupiers are trained in "Guantanamo", a makeshift space in the city of Santa Maria, with all the necessary conditions to remain until the end of the training.

At the end of the training they will receive an international diploma that will help them to find work in any casino in the world and they will be among the best in the world.

Those who are selected to work in the Casino will begin his professional career with the opening of the space.

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