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"What other forms of sexual excitement?" The doctor responds

  • To close the chapter of sexual excitement, we will mention some other relevant concepts

Kama Sutra

The Kama Sutra is not a sex manual, or at least was not created with this intention. But it has been used to inspire generations around the world for this purpose.

It shows a wide variety of sexual positions, which is worth to experiment. Contribution of India to the world.


This expression is composed of two terms: the sadism the one who wants to inflict pain on someone as a way to feel pleasure. Masochism the one who wants to feel the pain.

In this the relationship is very common the practice of mutual masturbation with physical and moral suffering.

Also in this type of relationship always have the dominant and the submissive who obey strict safety rules and imposes limits to prevent fatal accidents.

The term was popularized to designate someone or something considered bad.

Dr. Lenine Sérgio de Moura