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Brava - Pictures of naked women on Facebook cause disorders to population

  • The profile created from "Guetho girls" that shared these pictures, has already been removed, but every week new images are released

Santa Maria - 27 October - In the largest social media in the world, Facebook, images of some totally naked women from Brava island are being published.

This situation is generating a wave of indignation, especially the impact it is having, in a small island as Brava, where everyone knows everyone.

The "novelty" of privacy and sexually explicit of these women easily spread among Facebook users.

That raises a lot of speculation of how the pictures were taken and published, who might be behind the disclosure, how this person had access to them.

This case raises a number of questions about the dangers of the Internet, especially social media like Facebook, where anyone can create a page, including fake profile, post or share photos, videos and comments.

All care is too little since the investigation of cyber crimes is extremely complicated and the target can not see their cases resolved as fast as a click.

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