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Monte Tchota case - Antany apologized to the families of the victims

  • The trial of Antany Ribeiro began Thursday at the Military Court in Achada Mato in Praia city

Santa Maria - 27 October - The first session of the trial of Antany Ribeiro was marked by the apology to the nation and the families of the victims.

"Regarding to my defense I don't want say anything. I just want to apologize to the nation and families that I caused pain", said Antany Silva during his speech.

Among the witnesses were the technician of CVTelecom who gave the alarm that something unusual was going on in the military post, the suspect's cousin, two guards who helped him to push the car, which he eventually abandoned the weapons of the dead soldiers inside and the taxi driver in whose car that helped his arrest, in Praia city two days after the crime.

The second session of the trial is scheduled for November 3, the day on which the sentence will be read.

It's recalled that Antany Silva is the only suspect in the massacre that killed 11 people, including eight soldiers and three civilians at the military detachment in Monte Txota.

Source: Expresso das Ilhas

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