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samsung 'affected' samsung 'affected'

TAP prohibits use of the Galaxy Note 7 in their planes for fear of explosions

  • TAP is just one of the companies that have chosen to ban the use of the device after the most recent cases of battery explosion, resulting in huge losses to Samsung

Santa Maria - 17 September - After many blast cases of defected batteries and of course damaged the image of the Samsung device to the point that today is hard to quantify the impact on sales.

The Portuguese airline has issued guidelines on the latest smartphone from Samsung on its own website.

TAP advises so that the smartphone to be turned off and still calls to anyone "to not charge the phone on board, either through portable charger or via board charger."

The airline also said that the Galaxy Note 7 should not be kept with hold luggage.

Samsung continues to try to control the controversy that has been created around its Galaxy Note 7, a device that was initially praised by smartphone enthusiasts but now is indelibly associated with unexpected explosions.

While the famous technology company can not replace all the Galaxy Note 7 already sold, they found a software solution to prevent other device units to explode.

In a decision that should prove controversial, the company will release an update that limits refills only 60% of the maximum of the smartphone battery capacity.

Cover Photo: Reuters

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