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Missing ship found 170 years later: One of the biggest mysteries of polar exploration

  • The ship was last seen in 1848, before disappearing with all 129 men on board

Santa Maria - 14 September - One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the great navigations to the Arctic exploration seems to be finally closer to the end.

On 3 September were discovered and announced earlier this week, the ship wrecks of the British flag HMS Terror, whose captain was the legendary explorer Sir John Franklin.

The vessel and the entire crew of 129 men had disappeared in 1848 during the unsuccessful expedition of Franklin to find the called Northwest Passage, the sea route connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific to North America.

This natural route significantly shortens travel between Europe and Asia and, therefore, the British government had promised in 1817 to reward 20 thousand pounds to anyone who could locate it.

Many have tried, being the expedition of Franklin the most tragic, since no one returned alive.

Now in 2016, nearly 170 years later, finally the HMS Terror was found by Team Arctic Research Foundation in the Canadian Arctic and to the surprise of the 10 members of the group, everything was in very good condition.

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