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USA - Vegan mom who fed her 11-month-old baby only with fruits and nuts can be sued!

  • Taken to the hospital, the child was diagnosed with a severe skin rash, motor skill disorder and other allergic reactions due to inadequate nutrition

Santa Maria - 9 October - Elizabeth Hawk an American mom, 33, was accused of endangering the health of her child, with only 11 months old, by feeding her child only with fruits and nuts “for being Vegan.”

The woman refused to give any other food, saying it was harmful to the baby's health, but the improper diet for a child so small who needs many nutrients took the child to become sick.

The father of the baby Jerry Hawk was who denounced the woman, because he was concerned about the health of the child, Metro reports.

The baby lived only with the mother after the separation of the parents, but when the father became aware of what was happening decided to act.

Now, the custody of the child was given to the father temporarily, as well as the other two children.

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