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"What does a man like to see in his future wife?": They provided 10 qualities!

  • Some of the answers provided by them may surprise you!

Santa Maria - 18 September - After many dating relationships and countless stories, only one person will be able to perfectly fit our profile, for having certain qualities that we consider fundamental to stay for the rest of the life at her side.

But for men, what a woman really needs to have to be considered as the "chosen" to marry with?

It was this same question that Reddit platform made and some of the answers may even surprise you!

Follow below:

1. A woman that he really loves;

2. A woman that he can discuss with without feeling annoyed;

3. A woman who support her partner at all times;

4. A woman who bring any challenge to the relationship and who does not strive too much to be friendly and pleasing;

5. Be relaxed, confident, excited and happy with the career;

6. Communication, friendship and trust as key attributes;

7. A woman who can leave pride aside;

8. Never betray;

9. Be mentally balanced;

10. A woamn who can eat everything.

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