Terms of use

Website terms of use
Art. 1 – Nature of the website
Ocean Press is a jornal online (www.oceanpress.info), of Company Ocean Press, Ltd, registered at Conservatória Do Registo Civil, Comercial E Automóvel Do Sal, register nr. 268333807/2450520140103, which discloses news of various kinds national and international level.
Art. 2 – Copyright
All contents of this journal are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced in any paper and/or computer, without the express written permission of the Publisher Ocean Press.
Art. 3 – License violation
Violation of licensing conditions provided in article 2, involves the immediate removal of the copyright works in paper and/or computer were the works were inserted.
The possible refusal of removal, shall include civil and criminal consequences, according to the legislation in force in Cape Verde.
Art. 4 – Trabalhos de terceiros
The works that are not covered by article nr.3 belong to their rightful owners/authors. When the third party is known, the editorial office of Ocean Press always mention the name of the author who performed the work, and in any case, undertakes to respect the conditions of license eventually established.
The third party who claims to have been violated by this Journal a term of its license for the use of the intellectual/artistic works of its property, can complain by contacting the editorial office and indicating the work or works for which it requires the removal or the precise indication of the author and a link to the site itself. Ocean Press immediately provides the requested operations, removing or inserting the disputed claims relating to the content.
Art. 5 – Rectifications
For any rectification in the news broadcasted by this online journal, kindly contact the Newsroom, which will immediately respond to the request after investigation and verification on the rectification of any errors or omissions that originated it.
Art. 6 – Regulation of publication of comments
The comments are published at the sole and absolute discretion of the newsroom, which – for publishing purposes – assess the observance on the part of the commentator of the following rules:

1) The comments should be synthetic and relevant to the article. The newsroom, if the review can be helpfull to the discussion, reserves the right to cut the points it considers superfluous.
2) The comments should not be offensive, racist or defamatory against the newsroom, the editor or others and may not incite violence and sexual religious, political and racial discrimination.
3)  The comments cannot cite, sustain and support news identified as unfounded and false.
4) The comments cannot be interspersed with obscenities and vulgaritiesParte superior do formulário
5) In any case, it is forbidden to insert in the comments links to malicious websites, spammers, pornographers and pedophiles.
The addresses of commenter’s are recorded in a particular script. The commentators who violate these rules will be marked as spam and – if they are detected elements of crime – will be reported to the judicial authorities.
Art. 7 – Compensation
In order to use this Site, the user accepts to exempt the Ocean Press from all liability, cost and expense arising from the use of the Site by the user.
Art. 8 – Acceptance of the legal notices and license
The use of the site www.oceanpress.info automatically implies the acceptance of the conditions laid down in the preceding articles and the resulting consequences. Ocean Press reserves the right to amend the articles listed above without the obligation to notify any person, therefore, it is the responsibility of the reader to constantly check the variation of the terms of this license.

Cape Verde – 01 February 2014

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