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Trips on cruise are strong investment in the future of tourism

  • Amusement parks, exotic and panoramic swimming pools, gyms, casinos, cinema and concerts, churches, luxury shops, banks, everything is included in floating hotels

Santa Maria - 3 September - Traveling long distances by sea, on so called cruises, is an increasingly popular way to spend holidays in true floating hotels.

A great obstacle is always the fear of becoming a closed space at sea, but the alternative of flying, for those who have fear, is only reduced the journey time inside a large dimension.

Today's cruise ships have such comfort and security that even the inevitable sickness is a thing of the past. Giants of the sea are very stable on the swing at the sea, the main discomfort of the seasick and are moving smoothly and at considerable speeds.

Also the big shipping companies and/or owners of luxury turn the cruise ships in a huge hotels where imagination knows no bounds, equipping its floating hotels and entertainment facilities often impossible to create on land in the traditional hotels of many stars.

Parks full of fun, exotic and panoramic swimming pools, facilities for the practice of numerous outdoor sports or hall, casinos, amphitheaters for film and music concerts, chapels or churches, shopping centers and shops of major brands of clothing and the like , bank offices etc..., all of this is currently available to the traveler on cruise.

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